• Provide quality pre hospital care for medically ill and trauma patients- We cannot imagine an accident victim getting paralysed solely due to the ignorance of proper transporting techniques. No wonder people are waiting for the ambulance to arrive to the scene of accident or the victims are carried in an unscientific manner causing more dangers. The scenario is changing in angelised districts wherein we have lots of people who have undergone hands-on training in First Response Provider Course and they are able to implement the same successfully on the roads.
  • 24 hour Ambulance Services to take patients to hospitals - The beneficiary can log a call to 24x7 call center at telephone No. 102. The ambulance nearest to the mishap site is located through GPS mapping by the operator who receives the call and message is conveyed / the call is transferred to the driver of that ambulance. This helps the beneficiary to avail the privilege of the service at the quickest possible time at the given circumstance.
    We aim to maintain the present ambulance system providing transport free of cost to trauma victims, poor patients and senior citizens to hospitals.
  • Networking ambulance services - ANGELS successfully and effectively operates the centralised connectivity of all the ambulances in the “ANGELISED” districts thereby redefining the ambulances to the noble Angels role through a single life saving access number102 and reduces the time of evacuation. The resonance of the project was very obvious among all and this gesture had helped to reduce the number of accidental deaths significantly.
    We aim at having the maximum number of ambulances networked to 102, thereby increasing the accessibility to the public.
  • Equipping and upgrading ambulances and training ambulance personnel – In Calicut Metro, we have 117 ambulances, out of which more than 25 are appropriate vehicles, for Pre-Hospital Care System, like Traveller / Mazda, including 7 vehicles of higher end Mobile ICU standards.Required equipments are to be installed in most ambulances associated with ANGELS. Thereby ANGELS is caring the people bridging the gap providing the care in the golden hour saving valuable lives and bringing smiles. ANGELS with a specialized curriculum has developed a whole fraternity of trainedemergency care givers who form a part of the ambulance crew.
    We aim at having the entire ambulances upgraded to ACLS levels.
  • Scientific trauma care support - The usage of unscientific methods and modes of transport like auto rickshaws, jeeps etc. which is very common in our country are liable to cause more harm to trauma victims, It is mainly due to the lack of knowledge of people and to eliminate this ignorance ANGELS has taken up projects to create community awareness through sensitization classes and mock drills.
    We aim to develop a community that is bold enough to practice the skills at the site of mishap without any division of opinion.
  • Awareness and training program - provided for lay public and healthcare providers in emergency care. The First Response Provider Course conducted by ANGELS is an ambitious work to realize the motto of ANGELS-“At least one lifesaver in a household”, where a common man with a will to assist people in emergency can learn serious emergency response skills. The course includes Basic Life Support (BLS), First Aid and Trauma Care.
    We aim at developing a nation with 100 % literacy in pre hospital emergency care.
  • Quality control in emergency care system
    We aim to bring the system to international standards.
  • Emergency Medical care technician (EMCT) courses - The one year course is intended for candidates from all walks of life barring age, creed and sex with an objective to prepare a team of qualified competent professionals and non-professionals to provide high quality pre- hospital care.
    a. This course includes theory and practical classes on Human anatomy and physiology, Basic life support, Basic trauma life support, Trauma care, First aid, Self-protection, Disinfection, Communication skill, human relation skill, Helmet care, Computer experience, Leadership quality, Aptitudes and commitments.
    b. This course is designed as six weeks intensive training and followed by exposure to practical field.
    Our long cherished dream is to establish an apex institute that will provide all the services in the area of pre-hospital care which will be beneficial to the societies in the developing and under developing nations.
  • Upgrading and monitoring Emergency services in hospital – ANGELS gives technical support to hospitals to upgrade their emergency services. The Adult/Pediatric Emergency Medicine Course of ANGELS is a three day course based on American Heart Association Guidelines aimed to train the doctors, nurses and paramedical staff of various hospitals to facilitate saving lives in the Golden Hour and to strengthen the Emergency Department of the Government / Private Hospitals.
    The team ANGELS visualises each and every hospital in rural and urban areas providing the basic emergency services.
  • Assisting district administration in Disaster management - The district administration gives the legislative back-up to this endeavor by entrusting ANGELS the responsibility to advise, assist, facilitate and coordinate their activities of disaster preparedness actions.Malabar witnessed the worst natural disasters of recent times in the form of landslide last year, so also a gas tanker explosion. ANGELS played a great role by helping the district administration in the rescue operations in these disasters.
    We aim to develop a well-trained locally available team in both urban and rural areas to manage disastersmore scientifically. We aim to bring in practice the globally accepted triage system into our nation.