It is a non-profitable, charitable organization registered under the Indian society registration act XXI/1860. It is working with the aim of providing quality emergency medical care with special emphasis on pre-hospital care and disaster managements.

What is the structural organization of ANGELS?

It is a NGO which aims to support Governmenmt,Semi-Govt and private institutions to improve or implement pre-hospital care system which otherwise is still in the rudimentary phase in India.

Why ANGELS involved in ambulance networking ?

Currently there are about 200 individual ambulances in the city with as many mobile no. for access. In an emergency it gets difficult to remember one single number.

What is the current status of ambulances services in Kozhikode district and how is ANGELS bringing a difference?

Ideally ambulances were historically designed to carry sick and emergent patients from site of no medical care like road or home to hospitals.

How is the 102 system effective in directing ambulances to the desired site within a short span of time?

All the ambulances in ANGELS are connected by GPS and GPRS via internet and other modern tech. with the help of a centrally placed console

Is the ANGELS service provided free of cost?

ANGELS is a charitable society, but not free absolutely. Users pay the transport charges at a subsidized rate which is displayed in the vehicle.All transports to the underprivileged clan of the society like SC, ST

How is ANGELS project financially viable?

ANGELS is utilizing the existing facilities trough the scientific up gradation of facilities. The present ambulances are being upgraded to the level of BLS which is the most economical model for a developing country like India

Who can join ambulances in networking?

Any ambulance service provider who is willing to join in the life saving project can join in ANGELS network as well.

Can these members work independently once in the ANGELS network?

ANGELS directs emergency calls to member ambulances when they are free or idle. So when the the call is not there these members can work independently.

Which hospitals are the Patients transported?

As far as choice of hospital is concerned the preference is given to the pt. or bystanders. But if the pt is unconscious or needs immediate life saving interventions pt is shifted to the nearby hospital under the apt eyes of the well trained ANGELS staff. If an unconscious ptwith out bystanders they are transported to a govt hospital. Destitutes are transported to the Medical college.

Do the ANGELS drivers have special training?

All ANGELS drivers have undergone formal first responder training. ANGELS is in the process of employing EMCT in the process.

Does ANGELS have their own Ambulance?

Currently ANGELS has one ambulance donated by the THAI group of companies. Many other people and organizations are coming forward to help the ANGELS life saving project.

Who is supporting ANGELS?

ANGELS is getting support from various corners. Finance support is by well wishers and different sponsors. Tech support is via GWU, MIMS, IIEMS and NRHM. GPS and internet is via BSNL and other cell service provided.

What is First Response Provider Course (FRPC)?

FRPC is an environment where a common man with a will to assist people in emergency barring age, caste, creed, sex, and literacy can learn serious emergency response skills in an upbeat. In this schedule they will be able to be familiar with the following:-

BLS (Basic Life Support) that inludes CPR, at the layman level.
AED (Automated External Defibrillator) use.
Spinal injury management.
Basic first Aid. [ more information...]

What is EMCT?

Emergency Medical care technician (EMCT) courses - The one year course is intended for candidates from all walks of life barring age, creed and sex with an objective to prepare a team of qualified competent professionals and non-professionals to provide high quality pre- hospital care.

a. This course includes theory and practical classes on Human anatomy and physiology, Basic life support, Basic trauma life support, Trauma care, First aid, Self-protection, Disinfection, Communication skill, human relation skill, Helmet care, Computer experience, Leadership quality, Aptitudes and commitments.

b. This course is designed as six weeks intensive training and followed by exposure to practical field. [ more information.. ]

Where can I attend the BLS classes? What should I do for that?

ANGELS INTERNATONAL FOUNDATION conducts its FIRST RESPONSE PROVIDER COURSE or BASIC LIFE SUPPORT TRAINING at locations selected by the person who books the programme. We can arrange classes for a group of at least or more than 40-50 people. You need to book for the convenient date. (Contact number: 9961202102)

What are the terms and conditions? or What arrangements do we need to make?

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Is ANGELS part of any projects run by the Government?

The Kerala Social Security Mission (KSSM) of the Panchayat and Social Welfare Ministry joined hands with ANGELS for the VAYOMITHRAM PROJECT to transport elderly citizens to and from hospitals.