Need for ANGELS

Angels is an innovative effort aimed at ensuring the immediate, emergency medical care during accidents and disasters. This is linked with the need for a Pre-Hospital Care Plan for Kozhikode visa- vis the art-of-the-state situation in other cities of India and also in other countries world over.


ANGELS or Active Network Group of Emergency Life Savers is a unique organization formed by a group of like-minded philanthropists and launched with the blessings of our former President,Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam on 18th of February 2011. The group realized trauma care and disaster management in India were in a pathetic state and public awareness about the subject was nil to nothing.

The shortage or absence of trained paramedical personnel in the ambulances was the next snag. ANGELS with a specialized curriculum has developed a whole fraternity of emergency care givers. They form a part of the ambulance crew. Required equipments are also installed in most ambulances associated with ANGELS. Thereby ANGELS is caring the people bridging the gap providing the care in the golden hour saving valuable lives and bringing smiles.

ANGELS has seen phenomenal expansion with units actively functioning in Kannur, Wayanad, Malappuram and Palakkad apart from its birth district Kozhikode. Imparting Basic Life Support Techniques training among the general public has been the primary goal of ANGELS. Till now the total number of trained persons crossed 20000..

Pre-Hospital Care Scenario in Calicut

Pre-Hospital Care is primarily to identify the intensity of the sickness of the patient and provide immediate appropriate preliminary care at the spot itself. The system will also transport the sick or dangerously injured victims safely to the nearest health care facility by providing required basic all advanced life support measures.

The reported Pre-Hospital deaths, in various cases, in Malabar Institute of Medical Sciences Ltd., Calicut is 68 deaths in a year, the numbers in other major hospitals in the city also will not be different. In Medical College Hospital the number may perhaps be the double. Road accidents are the main culprit. According to NATPAC, a Governmental traffic and transportation research agency 2,583 numbers of death occurred on the roads in year 2009. Anyhow there are no two opinions that in all the above cases, if transported to the hospital in time and safely, the casualty would have been far less, may be 10 to 15% at the most.

In Calicut Metro, we have 117 ambulances, out of which more than 25 are Appropriate vehicles, for Pre-Hospital Care System, like Traveller / Mazda, including 7 vehicles of higher end Mobile ICU standards. ANGELS support the community and Government in the events of unexpected medical emergencies ANGELS (Active Network Group of Emergency Life Savers) which is registered as international foundation under Indian society registration act XXI /1860 [Reg.No S.97/11] and the project has conceived by the District Administration, in the Revenue District of Kozhikode, with the active support of various medical organizations and NGOs, various government and private healthcare institutes.

ANGELS international foundation under the stewardship of District Collector, is all set to be made operation in the area of Pre-Hospital Care and Disaster Management, which is still a budding branch of Modern Medicine in our scenario.

As it is the most crucial period, where in a victim of an accident, disaster, serious illness, might lose his precious life or might slip in to irreparable damage to his health, for want of appropriate and scientific intervention during the transport from the place of occurrence to the suitable hospital, Pre-Hospital limb of Emergency medical needs of a fast and civilized society.

But in our community, for want of genuine will and initiatives, the desired and deserved focus has not yet been made in this area. It is in this slot that ANGELS has come to exist and act. The integral period of the project is Ambulance up gradation to BLS, ACLS levels and their networking via GPS / GPRS systems. Again then ambulances may have to be manned by scientifically trained personnel who are competent to provide necessary interventions should they become imperative. ANGELS is all set to start its own Emergency Medical Care Technician Course in this regard with the knowledge of Kerala Medical University. The syllabus include Basic Anatomy, Physiology, BLS, Trauma care, First aid, Decontamination, Extrication, Self protection, Computer training, Leadership training, Communication skill etc. To assist the Ambulance workers, a panel of Medical experts (Doctors) would be available 24 hour on line. Also ANGELS envisages initiatives to strengthen the Emergency Department of all the major Government / Private Hospitals.

Over and above a 3 tier awareness program, for Doctors, health workers, general public, students etc in the area of Emergency Medical Care also is envisioned. This major project, probably the first of its kind in the whole country, and which is all probability may be adopted to the health care delivery system of many a third world country, is a classic example of Public Private Participation.

Our long cherished dream

To establish an apex institute at Calicut this will provide all the services in the area of pre-hospital care which will be beneficial to all the societies in the developing and under developing nations.